Tecnai F20 STEM: Capabilities

FEI Tecnai F20 is a 200kV field emission gun (FEG) high resolution TEM/STEM which was installed in 2010. The microscope has a SuperTwin objective lens with a Cs of 1.2 mm. With its 200 kV acceleration voltage and its Schottky field emission source, this instrument provides outstanding stability, ease-of-use and high-resolution performance in TEM/STEM imaging and micro-analysis.


The scope is equipped with an Oxford ultra-thin window EDX detector, a Gatan ORIUS wide-angle CCD, a Gatan ultra-scan CCD and annular bright field/dark field detectors for STEM imaging.


  • A Schottky Field emitter (FEG) giving high brightness, low energy spread and very small probe sizes
  • Operation voltage 80, 120 and 200KV
  • Point resolution: 0.24 nm
  • Information limit: 0.14 nm
  • Energy resolution in EDX: 134eV
  • Magnification range: 21x - 1050 kx in TEM mode; Up to 5000 kx in STEM mode
  • Magnification reproducible within ± 1.5%
  • Camera Length range: 30 – 4500 mm in TEM-diffraction mode
  • Coma-free alignment for high-resolution objective-lens centering
  • Rotation-free magnification and diffraction series
  • Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side-entry, high stability CompuStage
  • Double tilt low background analytical specimen holder (α +/- 38º, β +/- 28 º)
  • Excellent EDX in-hole performance, low system background in EDX, small probes and embedded EDX, spectrum profiling and imaging
  • Improved EDS analytical capabilities through specimen drift correction control

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